Reading and the Writer

So I read a lot. I read everything from thought provoking non-fiction, to crack filled fanfiction. I read because the written word fascinates me. I write for the same reason. My mind is always touching on new ideas and possibilities.

Sometimes it can be irritating to see the world through words and ideas. I can write whole personalities for my work with just the line of a song or a person walking down the street. I read as I write.

If I cannot see the world written before me, if I cannot feel and hear the music of the words then I cannot finish what I am reading.

An example of this is the Twilight Saga, I couldn’t get past the first chapter in the first book, I tried 3 times. I had to go read some fanfiction from Buffy to get the boring out of my head. The funny thing is, I love vampires, just not sparkly ones.

Go Spike!


However, I have read the House of Knight Series by P.C. and Kristen Cast. This is a remarkable young adult book series about Vampires and is something I believe that any vampire fan will enjoy. Also it is set in Tulsa which is where I live.

Then we have 50 Shades of Pepto by E.L. James. Excuse me while I vomit.


Nothing in that series is appealing to me. Yes I know people who like it and are excited by the prospect of going to see the new movie. Yes this does make me sad.

A perfect group of authors to read who do submission and dominance in the right way and truly understand what erotica is supposed to be are Maya Banks , Lorelei James, Jayne Rylon, Nalini Singh, and Lora Leigh.

Not all of these authors write BDSM, rather they write romance and erotic fiction, some of it could be consider the fantasy genre. However, the one thing they all have in common is their ability to draw you in, to craft stories and characters that you want to invest yourself in. The men are dominant personalities and the women are smart, independent, and willing to trust the men in their relationships with their bodies and their hearts.

No one can say the same of E.L. James. She is literally one of the few authors I will put aside my author bashing rule to throw down on. That whole series is like a handbook for stalkers and rapists. It offends me on a cellular level.

Other authors that will spark an idea in my head are authors I brag on quite often. Keira Marcos, Lexi Bane, Rhys Ford, and Nora Roberts. These are all published authors that make you curious and want to stay within the worlds they craft.

Again each of these authors I have praised, deserve the kudos and following that they have. I don’t actually dislike the Stephanie Meyer, I’m simply bored by her books and her badly done turn on Juliet and Stalker, I mean Romeo. It happens to be that she had someone write really shitty fanfiction of her work and somehow get popular in the process.

E.L. James makes me want to take away her right to murder the written word. Enough said.

Being a writer and a reader can at times be hard, but it is also a reward in of itself, because being a writer I know that every word I read was written by someone who was willing to put a piece of themselves out there for people to experience and enjoy or read and think of the consequences of the actions of those being written about.

So when you read something that moves you, when you read something that entertains you, that makes you feel sexy or happy remember to give the author a bit of love even if it is just to push a button giving kudos or stars.

Remember that when you give a review you are criticizing someone who gave you a piece of themselves to enjoy. Do not demand things of the author, do not tell them what you want them to change or how they should cater to you as the author.

Yes, I have nothing good to say about the two authors that I have mentioned. No this does not make me a hypocrite. I am not going on their pages and cursing them and calling them names. I am not trying to marginalize their work.

Whether I approve or disapprove of their work does not truly matter. What matters is that I admit that they crafted worlds and words and made other people love them. What matters is that I know and acknowledge that there are other authors that are doing the same kind of work and doing it better.

I read those authors I enjoy, that is what matters, that is what it means to be a reader and a writer. Acknowledging the worst and the best and knowing that you will always have something to read and someone to inspire you to do your best in your own work.


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