Bad Year, Exciting Future

I am excited to say that I am entering a creative writing competition in my home town. It is hosted by the Tulsa Library System and is geared towards adults. It will be a short story and the maximum is 5,000 words.

I figure that I can get it done in the allotted time as it is due by March 31st. I wrote a little over 50,ooo words in one month when I posted the last three stories I wrote. This is really important as the urge to write practically died in me last year and I am finally beginning to feel inspired to do more than little blurbs on a facebook group I belong to.

2016 turned out to be one of the worst years of my adult life. I was stunned that I was able to write at all, but as I told someone recently, I have always turned to the written word and music when I feel my worst.

There are so many wonderful authors and musicians that I turned to last year, to many to really name here but I can only be thankful for all of them. The Rough Trade site is a place that is safe for writers. It is for *writers* only. No apologies and no criticism. It is a place to expand and hone your craft.

It was a lifesaver last year and the year before as well. For those of you that don’t know who Keira Marcos is, let me tell you about her. She is an author, a person who takes no shit for anyone, and created Rough Trade. Her Minions, of whom I am a proud member, have found in Rough Trade a safe place and a place for like minded individuals.

Through her I have found other authors, whose work gave me a way to escape reality and enjoy the lives of their characters. It also brought me Farmbunnies on facebook. It is a private plot bunny prompter. They have entertained and enabled my muse for the last two years.

One author that I have followed for nearly my whole time in fandom, Voracity, is a wonderful imaginative writer and a good friend. Again I have met so many wonderful people through my interactions with her over the years. That is over 20 years of fandom for those of you who are wondering.

Then there are the non-fandom writers that I have been reading. Keira is again on this list so is Ladyholder McCaffrey, who writes as Lexi Bane. Of course I could not write this without mentioning Rhys Ford.

Rhys is an amazing writer, an amazing person, and I have never read anything by her that I have not loved. My favorite those is the Sinners Gin series. I love Miki St. John is my favorite kind of character. Broken, strong, kickass, sassy, and willing to rip an assholes face of if pressed.

Do you know what the majority of these authors have in common? Beyond being women? Beyond writing slash or m/m fiction as it is known? They are all common sense people who care for the world and the people in it and that caring helped me through last year even if they never knew it.

So thank you to all of the writers, enablers, and musicians who made the last year one that helped me retain my ability to write and soar on my wings of imagination.

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