Rough Trade, Writing, and the Future of this site.

Rough Trade is a site that allows authors to participate in writing challenges in a safe, critic free place. This year I wrote three fanfiction stories. The first was in the Buffy Fandom, the Second, was in Teen Wolf, and the third was in Kingsman, they also ended up with other fandoms mixed in with them.

The base of these challenges was to mix the fandom of your choice with the Sentinel fandom which is often called the Little Black Dress of the fanfiction community.

I will be posting these challenges to this site and I am also going to be posting more of my fiction here in the days to follow. I am a slow writer, often going back and making changes before I post the next part.

I also have extreme health problems and on August 24th I will be having brain surgery.

It is my hope that I can make this a place to post the ideas, blurbs, and work that comes to my mind. More often than not this will be fanfiction, but I also have original fiction that I have created and nurtured over the years, but never shared with anyone.

This work will not be edited most likely. It will include het, gay, and bisexual characters. It may have explicit sex and violence.

I do not take unsolicited editing or criticism of my work. As much as I enjoy reader feedback, I do this for myself and the joy the written word brings me. I will block anyone who cannot be kind or take this into account.



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