Tequila Mockingbird Book 3 of the Sinner’s Series


Tequila Mockingbird

Forest Ackerman has lost one of the few people who ever believed in him. The man who saved him with an act of kindness and became his father. Connor Morgan is the first son of the Morgan clan and a man whose entire life and ideals of who he is and who he would become are shaken to the foundation the night Forest’s father dies.

Now Forest’s life is on the line and Connor is struggling to keep him safe and readjust his thinking on who he truly is and what he wants. Through it all Forest is beginning to see he can trust Connor, while Connor is coming to see that what he wants is something he can have.

The Morgan clan comes together to support them both, including Miki and Damian. Through it all love, death, confusion, and loss these two stand in the eye of the storm, yet find a peace and an acceptance of who they are that neither ever thought to find.

The official third book of the Sinners Series delivers all we have come to enjoy and want to know and see about the wonderful universe that Rhys Ford has created. The relationships, the amusement of Donal and Brigid, and the kind love and acceptance both of the Morgans bring the ones their family have come to love.

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